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Texas Grand Ranch

Texas Grand Ranch is located in Walker County, between Conroe, Texas, and Huntsville, Texas.

Simply put, it is one of the premier developments on the north side of Houston.

Texas Grand Ranch is located between Huntsville and Conroe, near New Waverly, Texas.

Lots are heavily wooded and range 2 acres or more. I have some good friends who work there if you need a name to contact them.

The lot costs range from $70K and up. Of the homes I have been involved in building homes, the lot cost average +- $100,000.00.

It is important when selecting a lot to analyze where you wish to have your home. I can help you save you money by looking at the dirt/clearing cost component.

If you would like further assistance in the Texas Grand Ranch or any lot of evaluation in Montgomery County, Walker County, or Waller County, please let me know. It's Free!

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